Boarding & Training

Half Halt Farms offers 3 arenas: a covered indoor ring, an outdoor jumping stadium, and an full outdoor dressage court. We also have a 50-acre galloping track with hills for conditioning, complete with cross-country fences. Access to miles of trails in Briones National Park is close by. We offer daily turnout for all of our horses as part of board, which includes three meals per day, blanketing, and graining service.

Click here for directions via GoogleMaps.

We offer a variety of private and group lessons for riders of all levels on our school horses, or on your privately-owned horse. Sponsorship and lease programs can also be arranged for people looking to ride more frequently. Lessons are given on a reserve basis 6 days a week, but please feel free to stop by and observe any time. Call or email ahead of time to confirm a good time to meet with us, and we’d be happy to take you around and show you the facilities.


*Group and private lessons

*Jumping and dressage

*School horses available

*Trailer in lessons welcome

*Cross country schooling

*Coaching at competitions


*Stalls with Paddocks

*Large Outdoor Paddocks


*Daily turnout

Please email for price information, or call 925-998-0144 to inquire.


4 Responsesso far.

  1. Morgan says:


    What are your boarding rates/availability?

    Thank you

  2. Isabella Vrins says:

    I would like to inquire about group lessons for my daughter…she is almost 15 years old and is interested in jumping and eventing….she has ridden on and off since she was 7 years old. She would need a lesson horse.

    Thank you.

    Isabella Vrins

  3. Lisa Weadon says:

    I am looking to board 2 gelded males, 17 year old Rocky Mountain and 7 year old Tennessee Walter beginning the first part of October My price point is a factor when considering what facilities I can afford.

    If you can send me informational on your services or call, that would be great.


    Lisa Weadon

  4. Diane says:

    I would also like to know what types of lessons you can offer an experienced, 14-year-old rider, and at what price.
    Thanks in advance.

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